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Friday Skype Conversations

There’s no reason why you can’t have fun with wireless encryption.  Since we’re still using it here at A Nice Golf Course, I’ll leave it at that.

Cockroach: OK what the hell is this key from.  We found a few references on the Intarwebz but nothing of solid evidence to its root reference.
Me: Have you typed it out on a keyboard yet?
Cockroach: damnit.
Cockroach: thats dumb.
Me: (bows)

April Fool’s prank at the Jacksonville Batcave.  Gotta say this is nearly worthless without video evidence but I’ll post the conversation anyway.

Slaw: Was going to tell you today’s april fools joke in the office
Slaw: Dave put this sign on the copier that there was a new voice activated feature
Slaw: You say “Copy” and it copies.  you say “Scan” and it scans
Slaw: Who do you think fell for it?
Lloyd: Cyndi
Lloyd: LaG
Lloyd: Linda
Lloyd: Who else?
Slaw: No
Slaw: Former USMC
Slaw: George Bush lover
Lloyd: Ludlam?
Lloyd: haha
Slaw: He comes by my desk and i tell him about it
Slaw: He says, he already knows but it doesn’t work
Slaw: I say, yes it does, I just saw Dave do it
Slaw: So we walk over there and he leans into it and says “Copy”
Slaw: Then he says “Copy” again
Slaw: and it doesn’t work
Lloyd: haha


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