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Cross Country

Day 2, Part 1

Day 2 looks like this in a quick snapshot:

View from the Millenium Hotel Lobby

Today started out much better than the night before ended.  I was certain my truck would be gone from the parking lot.  The only smart move I made was paying cash at the Twelve “oz. Rock” Oaks Motel.  Needless to say I did not sleep well.  St. Louis will make up for Nashville, starting with the hotel.

Reviews were more promising for this hotel, plus it’s three blocks away from Busch Stadium.  Just to note, when booking on you have to wait 30 minutes to an hour before checking in since they fax your reservation to the hotel.  If I had known this I wouldn’t have sat in the car less than a mile away to book my online reservation with my phone.


Cobblestone on North 2nd Street

For lunch we walked down to North 2nd Street and found Hannegan’s Restaurant & Pub. Worth trying is local brewed, unfiltered wheat Schlafly Hefeweizen.  It’s served with a slice of lemon and distracts from the flavor.  It’s best to toss the garnish at the begging squirrel (he loves fries too).  I have every intention of visiting the Schlafly brewery on the return drive to Jacksonville.





More photos from the day:

20110422_046.jpg20110422_032.jpg 20110422_040.jpg 20110422_055.jpg 20110422_062.jpg

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