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Shine A Light On Fiber Optics

There are moments of rage and other moments of hilarity, very seldom are the times when the two are combined.  On site today while we prep for our next golf event, we ran into some connection issues with the fiber that the tournament ran for us (about 4,000 ft for those keeping score).

*Those of you who don’t know what I’m referring to, simply skip to the bottom of this post.

After re-tipping and cleaning the ends I decided to ask (I’ll call him) Calvin to shine light on the strands to make sure the cable hasn’t been severed at some point (lawnmowers eat their daily dose of fiber too).  After no light came through I began to fear the worst, so I returned to the batcave to let them work it out… It was a few hours later that I was informed how my request was interpreted.

“Shine some light on this strand please.”  Acceptable tools include


Fiber Optic Power Meter


Unacceptable tools (if you want me to help you) include

Flash Light

The Big Flash Light…


Since I stood on a ladder for 10 minutes while he “put light” on the strands in question, I was less than amused.  He stuck to his guns that it’s worked in the past.  For you twitter users:  #BangsHeadOnKeyboard

For those of you who skipped to the bottom of this post, here’s your zen:

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