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Tavistock Revisited

If you can fight your way through the Orlando traffic, eventually you can find your way to Isleworth Golf & Country Club, a quiet little community with very restricted access.  In order to attend this tournament, you have to be a member of either Isleworth, Lake Nona, Albany or Queenwood Country Clubs, a sponsor or one of the few invited guests.  Privacy for the community is essential and should be respected by any who pass through the gates.  Last year a few photographers were booted for going near a certain player’s home after specifically being told not to.  I guess you can’t blame them for trying… but I sure can, and so can the tournament.  I hope they weren’t invited back this year.

Great cars, sponsors, beautiful course.  In case you’re wondering how the wealthy get around:




Hey Jake… get off the boat.








A few other notes about the trip.  If you’re looking for the best smoked chicken, look no further than 4Rivers Smokehouse in Winterpark, FL.  It’s nearly impossible to park in their lot so they direct traffic to the church across the street.  Also, don’t be scared off by the long lines stretching out the door and limited seating, it is truly worth the wait.

4Rivers Smokehouse 4Rivers Smokehouse




For the best oysters in Florida, Lee & Rick’s Oyster Bar off of Old Winter Garden Road is on top of the list.  The 80 foot bar seats about 50 hungry (and thirsty) men and women, all of which are treated to fast paced oyster shuckers with great personalities and high tolerance for strange diners (that would be us).  After a healthy arm wrestling match against our toughest (Monsieur JI), the match ended in a draw and was followed by a show and tell of her alligator head.  Yes, she keeps the head in her truck for moments such as these.


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